Sunday, 28 July 2013

Great White Egret - Ardea alba

So yesterday as I was driving down the track next to the drain I spied a Great White Egret. It was actually in about the same place as I recently saw the grey heron so I suppose the hunting is especially good just there. According to the RSPB you're most likely to see the Great White Egret in Spring or Winter in the UK so I   consider myself lucky to have seen one so late into summer.

I'd love to say the this photograph of the egret was taken by me but it wasn't (image Paul Kehrer licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic). In fact it wasn't even taken in England but in the Palo Verde National Park, Costa Rica!
And I might as well confess that the image of the drain wasn't taken by myself either but by one of my son's, however it was taken in England.

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  1. Lucky you they're wonderful birds, but sadly I've never seen one in the wild. xx