Saturday, 19 October 2013

Dragonflies in the Orchard

The sun came out late this afternoon, it was surprisingly warm for so late in October. Along with the sun came the dragonflies, it was nice to take a few moments to watch their aerial display. Despite having spent a wonderful afternoon at the now sadly defunct National Dragonfly Museum at Ashton Mill in Oundle some years ago I don't know enough about these beautiful insects to name them. Not sure if this is a Norfolk Hawker (Aeshna isosceles).


  1. Terrific photo. I only occasionally see dragonflies on the allotments. Flighty xx

  2. It is a great photo. I've noticed more dragonflies than ever this year, but wouldn't be able to name them. Love watching them though.

  3. Dragonflies are one of the advantages of the Fens, you're never v. far from water!