Friday, 17 May 2013

Charlie the Orchard Cat

Lots of farmers keep feral cats on their farms to help reduce vermin and fruit farmers are no exception however Charlie here is himself a bit of an exceptional cat.

He started life as a feral cat hunting in the orchard and he did very well for himself, supplementing his diet by pinching the farmer's wife's pet cat's dinner!

Unfortunately for Charlie he was reluctant to keep his hunting to just one orchard and would cross the road to another. I think you can imagine what happened next, Charlie was involved in a road traffic accident.

Luckily for Charlie the other farmer's wife (not the one whose cat's dinner he thieved but the lady across the road) found him and took Charlie to the vet. Charlie lost part of his tail, and his manhood but we won't talk about that, and discovered life with a family. A family with dogs.

Charlie can now often be seen, when he isn't out hunting which is still a favourite occupation, accompanying the dogs on their daily walks around the orchard.


  1. Awww, it sounds like the dogs are keeping Charlie in check. It sounds like he's got the best of both worlds now, family life and an orchard with plenty of hunting opportunities.

  2. He looks to be a real character. Flighty xx

  3. Oh, so sweeeeeeeet! I hope Charlie has learned his lesson and will keep to his family.