Thursday, 9 May 2013

Idared Apple - Blossom Walk

 Join The Orchard Year 's virtual blossom tour with a Blossom Walk through an English orchard:

Idared 's aren't an English apple, they were developed at the University of Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station (hence their name Ida...) in 1942 and are grown in this particular orchard for their exceptional keeping abilities. Harvested in September / October they can actually be kept, in the correct conditions until up to June the following year.

Taste wise the Idared apple can be a little tart  it is a dual purpose apple, good for eating or cooking.

The trees are now in full blossom. As you can see from the above photograph the petals are beginning to brown, many of them will be blown off with the high winds we are experiencing this evening.

Follow  The Orchard Year 's virtual Blossom Walk, we've already looked at the following apple trees in blossom
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